The dry aged prime rib by natural process is the ultimate delight of beef enthusiasts. It easily compares to champagne in the wine category.

Are you looking for this flavor that reminds you of the times when everything worthy was prepared with the greatest of care? The era when family packs on large surface areas hadn’t yet transformed our idea of what the meat tastes like?

Le Marchand du Bourg is a non negligible detour for the connoisseur.

It has been proven that aging beef greatly increases its tenderness and flavour. At Le Marchand du Bourg, we master a unique know-how in the technique of aging rib steak.
Meat aging can vary between 40 and 365 days after the cuts have been done. It is crucial to be a master in this process and have installations specifically designed for this very particular requirement.

The term "aging" describes the beef storing period in temperature and humidity controlled conditions before the preparation of specific cuts. During this time, the curing allows the muscle fibres to loosen and the enzymes to decompose them, resulting in a very tender meat with enhanced flavour. The higher quality beef is aged during a minimum of 40 days. For an optimal flavour, a 365 days aging is suggested. The taste and tenderness of the beef is increased with aging; the older the better.
Conception & Copyrights: Jean-Marc Pustelnik