Le Marchand du Bourg offers only the best pieces of Black Angus beef. His specialized store is geared towards the connoisseurs, the real beef enthusiasts. No pre-cut meat, no minced beef, no sirloin, only prime rib, T-bone, strip loin, tenderloin and flank are sold.

Your master butcher will personally and carefully select the meat, cut it for you and hand it directly to you; there is no middleman. Le Marchand du Bourg’s reputation lies on a unique and personal way of doing things. Enter into the old world of steak at 1661 Beaubien East, Montreal.

Rib Steak
The rib steak is the supreme piece of beef and is the best piece for grilling. This marble textured meat with short fibers is tender and tasty.
The T-bone steak is the most popular cut for the BBQ. It contains a piece of tenderloin and a piece of strip loin separated by a bone shaped like a T.
New York Steak
The strip loin is part of the T-bone. It is tender and tasty. Without the bone it can be pan fried or grilled.
The tenderloin steak is the most tender piece of beef. Its tenderness is irreproachable but less tasty than the previous cuts mentioned. It is often served with a sauce.
The beef flank is a stringy but very tasty piece of beef. The quality-price ratio makes it increasingly popular with beef enthusiasts.
Dry aged Rib Steak (40 days to 365 days)
Dry aging a prime rib gives it a very concentrated flavor as it dehydrates, but the taste enhances with time. It is the best tasting steak on the market. Consult our Specialty section for more details.
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